Deborah Bollman Watercolors

Taking Flight - Watercolor

Taking Flight






Autographed Joe Montana


What collectors are saying..

- "Running For Glory" - Brilliant! It's seething with power. I think you captured the anonymous brutality of the game. Whether you were going for that I don't know. But it's in there.
- I love this series! This is true Dressage art at its best.

- Beautiful! You've really captured that totally attentive, focused look of a good dressage horse when it is working.

- Gosh, this is absolutely stunning.The blue background really makes the horse pop ! Totally splendid work.

- Oh, the colors are luscious! Interesting to use Dressage, to me a very precise manner of horsemanship, while pushing a looser more painterly style! I love it!



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